Friendly and Vigorous

The name Citrea comes from migratory birds inhabiting America.
Citrea is tiny looking but full of energy and ideas.

The Stylish Young.

Our goal is to provide high quality smartwatch that is affordable. We look forward to bringing Citrea to you.


Light weight only 35g


Change your watch face

Get started

  • Step 1:

    Connect and charge the
    smartwatch to activate the

  • Step 2:

    Download VeryFitPro for the

  • Step 3:

    Turn on the Bluetooth and
    GPS on your mobile phone

  • Step 4:

    Select “Confirm Device” to
    complete binding

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Help & Support

For App

More detailed question can be answered with help and feedback in the App

Operation steps : VeryFitPro > User > System settings > feedback

For Smartwatch

Visit CONTACT US and send a message


Download : For additional information, you can get instruction manual